Hello World!

This is Cymo.

We are a remote conferencing platform specialized in multilingual conferences. We built this platform for companies who wish to break language and cultural boundaries by speaking to their foreign counterparts directly.

Why did we decide to do this?

Because we are professional interpreters ourselves! We are also localization project managers, technologists, educators, and problem-solvers. We saw the need for a professional grade multilingual conferencing platform that would focus on meetings where more than two languages will be spoken. To achieve this, we build a backend that will help professional interpreters coordinate with each other so your audience can get world-class interpretation as if they are delegates to the United Nations!

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Can’t machines do this?

At this point, you might be asking if we use machine translation or interpretation. The answer is a resounding “NO”. Don’t get us wrong, we love what machine translation and interpretation is doing to fill the gap where using a translator or interpreter is not available or economical. There are many very valuable applications of machine translation and interpretation in tourism, basic education, and public services, where information comes in snippets and is well structured. However, the same cannot be said in most other situations, where information is context-based, nuanced, and often presented in incomplete pieces. The amount of information implicit in these messages will puzzle even the most powerful of computers, yet is instantly recognizable to a human. This is where the professional interpreters shine and the domain we are specialized in.

We have all been in situations where we use body language, tone, and gesture to gain insight into what our counterpart is trying to tell us. Often, we don’t even think about it. We as humans are so good at catching the subtleties of speech that the information is decoded beyond language through a visceral sensation, or “gut feeling”. These are information unique to the human experience and are constantly in flux as our common experiences and context change. That is why, we believe that for highly contextual meetings such as business negotiations, marketing blitz, legal and medical consultations, understanding the mental state of our counterpart is as important as understanding the message. A professional interpreter is one that can help you communicate both the message and the intent, which is critical in winning cooperation from other human beings.

What data is collected?

As professional interpreters, we are all too familiar with the legal paperwork needed to give our clients control over their valuable information. It is a lot of work! That’s why as a company, Cymo seeks to keep all information local to the best that we can. That means besides the strictly necessary information for log-in and meeting scheduling, we do not keep any communication records, such as texts in the chat room, ephemeral and delete them once the user exits the interface.

Even when you record the meeting, the recordings are stored locally on your computer and not on the server. This allows us to keep the app simple while giving our clients full control. It’s worth mentioning that recording the interpretation is a more complex matter, which differs from jurisdiction and ultimately requires a written agreement between the interpreter and you, the client, which we are happy to facilitate.

Great! Where can I start?

We are glad that you have chosen us to facilitate your multilingual needs. The first step is to reach out to one of our consulting interpreters, who have extensive experience arranging multilingual meetings and are well connected in the industry. Please include the languages needed for your event and which one to be the main language to connect them all.