Update log

V.1.9.2 March 25, 2021

FixedFixed microphone cosmetic issue

FixedWhen listening to another booth, hear boothmate from relay even when booth volume is zero.

Added Adjust floor volume and SI slider when monitoring boothmate

V.1.9.15 March 18, 2021

FixedAfter video is shared, console button still shows

Improved Console play cloud video from Youtube fail if didn't check audio

Added Add columns for Speaker / interpreter / audience in participant list

V.1.9.1 March 12, 2021

FixedFixed user name display issue in the participant list

Added Console play cloud video from Youtube fail if didn't check audio

ImprovedParticipants/audience don't receive interpreters video

FixedFixed mute all issue

V.1.9.06 March 1, 2021

ImprovedParticipants with cameron on will be displayed first by default

FixedFixed content in chats cannot be copied

V.1.8.99 February 26, 2021

AddedMore passive listening languages

AddedOn air icon added on interpreter's local window then interpreter is on air

AddedOriginal volume adjustment when playing media

V.1.8.97 February 23, 2021

AddedAdded local media playing features

AddedAdded media sharing from URL

AddedAdded media volume bar

AddedAdded more shortcut keys

ImprovedStudent recording upload acceleration

V.1.8.90 February 18, 2021

AddedAdded media console to classrooms

AddedEnable multi-tarck audio playing

AddedAllow users to use the listening page to listen to floor channels

FixedFixed cancel hosting permissions issues

FixedFixed shared screen zoom in / zoom out issues

ImprovedRemoved no interpreter speaking notifications

V.1.8.87 February 15, 2021

ImprovedImproved global uploading speed

ImprovedImproved share screen frame rate

FixedFixed avatar update issues

V.1.8.85 February 13, 2021

AddedSound output test

FixedFixed booth microphone and ON AIR button cross-operational issues

AddedAdded more shortcut keys

V.1.8.83 February 10, 2021

AddedDuration timer in meeting information

FixedFixed some issues regarding scheduling

AddedEnable multilingual localization for the scheduling page

V.1.8.80 February 7, 2021

FixedFixed some booth icon issues

AddedAdded more shortcut keys

V.1.8.76 February 5, 2021

FixedSI classroom classrooms student booth/on air status not updated if teacher joins afterwards

AddedCancel hosting status

ImprovedPrompt that network data will be available after entering room

AddedAdded right click menus

ImprovedHide boothmate names in boothmate videos

V.1.8.74 February 3, 2021

AddedAdded channel selection shortcut keys

ImprovedImproved ON AIR button toggle speed

ImprovedImproved selected UI language status icons: 中, 日, 한

AddedInterpretation notifications toggle

FixedEmoji window cannot close

ImprovedAdded shadows to white icons and user names

FixedControl buttons were blocked by booth videos

FixedSettings window close button position

V.1.8.71 February 1, 2021

ImprovedImproved virtual background

AddedAdded WYSIWYG rich-text editor to meeting agenda

V.1.8.70 January 30, 2021

AddedAdded network status statistics

ImprovedForce reload room page when when updating scenario settings and incorrect role is selected.

FixedFixed issues when users reenable device permissions after disabling them in Safari

V.1.8.68 January 26, 2021

ImprovedImproved invitation message by scenario

V.1.8.64 January 23, 2021

ImprovedHide interpretation button when no interpreter is present

V.1.8.61 January 20, 2021

ImprovedVirtual background response speed

V.1.8.60 January 17, 2021

FixedMicrophone status in SI classroom mock booth

ImprovedOptimized toggle button design for meeting configurations window

ImprovedOptimized channel switch algorithm

V.1.8.59 January 14, 2021

ImprovedOptimized language channel switch

V.1.8.56 January 11, 2021

AddedSave recordings as mp3 files

V.1.8.53 January 8, 2021

AddedQuick messages to boothmates

AddedCross-platform video display layout optimization

V.1.8.51 January 6, 2021

AddedAudio input real-time visual feedback in settings panel

V.1.8.50 January 3, 2021

AddedAudio input real-time visual feedback

ImprovedHighlight videos of participants who are speaking

ImprovedAuto select previously used devices

V.1.8.47 January 1, 2021

ImprovedWechat redirect for iOS devices

ImprovedHide captioning feature for certain roles

ImprovedGroup message with URLs notification display

ImprovedVirtual background loading speed

FixedExit button display issues

V.1.8.44 December 30, 2021

ImprovedHide output devices options in Safari

AddedAdded virtual background acceleration

AddedAdded recording controls including play, pause, upload, download, delete for students

V.1.8.41 December 24, 2020

AddedSelect raw feed automatically for interpreters

V.1.8.40 December 22, 2020

ImprovedVirtual background loading experience

AddedRoom virtual background customization

V.1.8.37 December 18, 2020

ImprovedRoom loading speed

AddedVirtual background personalization

AddedAllow hosts to remove participants

AddedVirtual background

AddedBlurry background

V.1.8.35 December 16, 2020

ImprovedRole button design for mobile devices

AddedAdded room URL addresses for different roles (allow users to skip the role selection step.)

FixedRemoved black background when in presentation view

AddedInterpreter on air status in Participants window

AddedLocal video in mock booth

V.1.8.30 December 11, 2020

ImprovedFirst time visit loading speed

AddedAttachments upload / refresh in meeting information window

ImprovedFile item design in attachments

AddedMultilingual livestreaming

AddedLanguage pair selection in SI classroom scenario

ImprovedAllow upload pause/cancellation

V.1.8.28 December 7, 2020

ImprovedImproved design of volume bars

ImprovedImproved design of file list in attachments

ImprovedRequire to enter password before any role options apppear

V.1.8.26 December 6, 2020

AddedExit menu options for hosts

FixedUpdate avatar after login

ImprovedImproved design of role buttons

V.1.8.24 December 3, 2020

ImprovedImproved room attachments design

AddedDevice self-check before entering room

V.1.8.23 December 1, 2020

FixedHide black screens when exiting presentation view

AddedInterpretation available notifications

AddedGroup chat notification display

FixedStudent video layout refresh issue when a student turns off camera

FixedVideo zoom in / zoom out

V.1.8.20 November 27, 2020

AddedMock booth notifications

AddedStudent booth language status in SI classroom scenario

AddedStudent on air button in SI classroom scenario

AddedAdded booth window on air status icon

AddedAdded interpreting listening page language channel status

FixedCancelled echo for teachers when students are recording

FixedRecording feature in Safari

V.1.8.16 November 18, 2020

AddedAdded German and Portugese localization interface options

FixedFixed mobile platform interpretation listening bugs

V.1.8.15 November 17, 2020

AddedAdded Japanese localization interface options

Improvedguide refreshing and reselecting roles after scene change

AddedAdded Security features

AddedHosts can lock meeting room

AddedHosts can disable group chat

AddedHosts can disable private message

FixedFix the problem that the black box does not disappear automatically when the translator switches the identity

V.1.8.14 November 14, 2020

AddedTo add a media volume control bar during presentation

FixedFix the problem that the name of the video box does not update after the name is modified

FixedFix the problem that the meeting record is hidden when the meeting is not started

V.1.8.13 November 11, 2020

ImprovedUpdate the design of the camera and microphone switch before entering the meeting room

ImprovedUpdate the switch design of setting items before entering the meeting room

V.1.8.12 November 9, 2020

AddedTo increase the moderator feature

AddedAdded the moderator to set the co-host and remove the participants feature

ImprovedOnly the moderator has the right to end the meeting.

V.1.8.11 November 7, 2020

Added to increase the intelligent 3A audio algorithm manual switch feature

ImprovedTo solve the audio optimization conflict problem of multiple speakers speaking at the same time

V.1.8.10 November 5, 2020

ImprovedTo solve the problem of too small volume for sharing mp4 video

FixedFix the unmute bug of all groups

FixedTo solve some bugs when switching to the participant status between simultaneous interpretations

Fixedfix some bugs in the device settings before the conference

V.1.8.9 November 3, 2020

ImprovedSupports switching group chat reminders

ImprovedThe relevant features in the settings are grouped by video/audio

ImprovedOptimize settings saving logic

ImprovedWindows system optimization setting window interface display design

V.1.8.8 November 1, 2020

ImprovedSupport switch automatic full screen

AddedSupports specific window zoom in/out

ImprovedOptimize the right button style (translucent black background)

Addedautomatically adjust the resolution according to the number of people to save bandwidth

FixedFix the incomplete display of the participant list

AddedAdded Esc to close the small window shortcut

ImprovedOptimize screen sharing logic

ImprovedUpdate the design of upload file button

V.1.8.7 October 29, 2020

ImprovedDisplay the current language of the translator

AddedSupports media sharing and playback progress adjustment

AddedSupports displaying simultaneous broadcast status

ImprovedAutomatically switch to conference room audio logic when updating without simultaneous interpretation

AddedAuto-hide demo feature on iOS/Android side

AddedTo increase the background staff entrance

ImprovedAdded user attribute icon

AddedAdjust the position of the volume bar between simultaneous interpretation

AddedUpdate the mouse pointer when loading the whiteboard

AddedAdded audio and video media upload and playback feature

AddedTo increase media playback/pause/buffer/synchronization and other features

AddedTo increase the sharing screen resolution setting

V.1.8.6 October 26, 2020

ImprovedIncrease private message feature

AddedSupports displaying local video when sharing the screen

AddedAdded role switching feature

Improvedoptimize the logic of auto-hiding control buttons

AddedAdded a small arrow at the bottom bar to adjust the device feature

ImprovedSupports local users to speak bright frame

V.1.8.5 October 23, 2020

ImprovedThe conference version is translated into 6 languages

V.1.8.4 October 20, 2020

AddedSupports multilingual live broadcast

V.1.8.3 October 16, 2020

ImprovedParticipants will be displayed first in the participant list, interpreters and audiences will be displayed later

ImprovedWhen switching video, move the participants with video signal to the front row

AddedSupports audience display in the list of participants

Addedwhen closing the camera, the name of the participant will be centered and enlarged

V.1.8.2 October 12, 2020

ImprovedTo increase the multi-person same-screen layout/demo layout

AddedAdded broadcast start/end sound between simultaneous interpretation

Addedallows only one participant to share the screen

AddedHide QR code on small screen

AddedParticipants, audience and role icons are displayed

V.1.8.1 October 8, 2020

ImprovedTo increase the selection of meeting types (meetings/web seminars/online classrooms)

Addedallows participants to enter as an audience (turn off the camera and microphone)

ImprovedSolves the multilingual relay interface problem between simultaneous interpreters and breaks the limit on the number of languages

Improvedupdate partner exchange button design

AddedSimultaneous interpreter plus role icon display

V.1.8.0 October 1, 2020

ImprovedChats feature adds Emoji support

Addedthe live page to increase the love feature

AddedAdded back to the top button on the live page

AddedAdded inertial smooth drag and drop and tablet support

AddedMeeting version to increase the role of technicians

V.1.7.3 September 29, 2020

ImprovedSupports detection and selection of audio output devices

ImprovedAdded the feature of preventing accidental exit after starting a meeting

ImprovedSupports smart display of the top bar when the live page scrolls down

V.1.7.2 September 25, 2020

ImprovedTo increase the reminder that there is no attachment

ImprovedOptimize the chat window design on iPhone

FixedFix all mute problems

Fixedfix Safari audio output device problem

FixedFix the issue of allowing empty messages

Addedallows cancellation when uploading demo files

AddedUpdate the icon of the presentation file type

ImprovedTo speed up the rendering speed of the home page of the presentation file

V.1.7.1 September 22, 2020

ImprovedUpdate the small screen design of the simultaneous interpretation page

ImprovedUpdate the hardware device logic of Chrome/Safari on iOS

ImprovedOptimize the whiteboard experience

Improvedoptimize the bottom bar design (larger touch area, matte effect)

ImprovedOptimize the tooltip reminder effect on the iPad

ImprovedEducation Edition unifies teachers/students/participants into "member" logic

FixedFix the real-time message problem in the education version

ImprovedOptimize the design of the volume bar

V.1.7.0 September 18, 2020

ImprovedIncrease the whiteboard feature

Addedmarker pen/circle/rectangle/text/enlarge/reduce/exit the whiteboard feature

AddedAdded the uploading pdf/doc/ppt demonstration feature

AddedDisplay the current demo page number for synchronization

AddedSupports left and right/Home/End shortcut keys to turn pages

Improvedupdate the sharing screen exit mechanism

AddedTo achieve full support for iPad related features

V.1.6.0 September 13, 2020

ImprovedAdded AI subtitle feature

AddedAdded AI voice recognition feature

AddedAdded AI machine translation feature

Addedallows participants to select the language of subtitles

AddedAutomatic scrolling of subtitles

AddedTo solve the problem of sub-window occlusion

AddedSupports speaker bright frame

AddedSupports Facebook login

Improvedupdate the meeting information window interface design

V.1.5.11 September 2, 2020

ImprovedSupports video conferences with more than 10 people in horizontal/vertical screen layout

FixedFix the number of participants display bug

AddedAdded a reminder after the file is uploaded

FixedFix the problem that the language channel of the education version of the student terminal is not displayed

FixedFix the media playback problem on the teacher side of the education version

AddedThe remote camera is turned off and shows a black screen

ImprovedEducation version disables student camera/microphone by default

AddedSupports password protection for live page and listening simultaneous interpretation page

V.1.5.10 August 27, 2020

Improvedfix the browser autoplay problem

AddedSupports mouse floating tooltip display

ImprovedUpdate icon design

ImprovedQR code interface design update

V.1.5.9 August 20, 2020

ImprovedFixed Safari video player control bar issue

AddedAutomatically generate a QR code with logo

ImprovedEducation Edition updates real-time message logic

AddedTo add a reminder that headphones are recommended

AddedTo detect the browser and provide a download link for Chrome browser

V.1.5.8 August 16, 2020

ImprovedLive page layout revision update

AddedTo add real-time status reminder of microphone/camera

AddedIf the link is wrong, there will be no meeting reminder available

AddedSettings>Advanced add troubleshooting link

AddedSupports saving personal settings to Cookies

Improvedupdate the C/S architecture communication logic to speed up the response speed

AddedDisplay the number of unread messages

FixedFix the remote video layout problem

FixedFix the problem of not displaying the corner mark in Win10 browser

AddedTo increase the permission of the meeting initiator to delete meeting attachments

Improvedallows simultaneous interpretation partners to hear each other

Fixedfix some interface layout bugs

AddedTo increase the current channel number reminder

V.1.5.7 August 10, 2020

ImprovedUpdate the language update logic between simultaneous interpretations to speed up the switching speed

AddedUpdate chat avatar after login

AddedAutomatically maximize after starting the meeting

AddedModify the participant name at any time and synchronize with all users

AddedOne-key mute/increase sound by volume bar between simultaneous interpretation

V.1.5.6 August 5, 2020

ImprovedDisplay related operation buttons when sharing the screen

Addedadd more language buttons, support 200+ languages

FixedTo solve the problem of slow footer loading

ImprovedUpdate IM real-time message and server communication logic

AddedSupports WeChat browser horizontal screen or vertical screen proportional enlargement

ImprovedUpdate WeChat login logic

ImprovedListen to the simultaneous interpretation page to increase the volume bar (hidden by WeChat browser)

AddedDisplay online number of people

V.1.5.5 August 1, 2020

ImprovedDisplay the number of unread messages

FixedFix the horizontal screen display problem of the live broadcast page

AddedIf the speaker’s language is the current language channel, the participant will directly listen to the floor channel

AddedTo add a QR code showing the link to listen to simultaneous interpretation

V.1.5.4 July 27, 2020

ImprovedEducation version instruction localization

AddedThe mobile phone listens to the simultaneous interpretation terminal to display the current simultaneous interpretation language channel

AddedUpdate the input name participation logic

AddedWhen entering the name, press Enter to confirm

AddedEducation version teacher terminal add operation reminder

ImprovedShows the same language to remind the partner microphone switch

AddedWhen the output of simultaneous interpretation is switched to the same language, the sound will automatically switch to the Floor channel

V.1.5.3 July 24, 2020

Improvedallows manual adjustment of the video/audio source device and automatic refresh

ImprovedAutomatically refresh when the camera resolution is adjusted

ImprovedImprove the security of the meeting list

V.1.5.2 July 20, 2020

ImprovedIncrease the update log

AddedEducation version student terminal adds recording feature

V.1.5.1 July 10, 2020

ImprovedTo achieve mutual visibility between partners in simultaneous interpretation

AddedEducation version adds all mute and all unmute buttons

ImprovedRedirect to the feedback page 1 minute after connecting

ImprovedOptimize the language pair strategy for simultaneous interpretation, only display the selected language pair output channel

ImprovedIncrease and adjust student audio volume and media volume to facilitate teachers to listen to specific audio

Addeddrag-and-drop simultaneous interpretation window

AddedAdded the feature of dragging and dropping the local camera window

V.1.5.0 July 1, 2020

ImprovedShow Tooltip button reminder

FixedFixed the problem that the screen of other participants cannot be enlarged after sharing the screen

FixedFix the screen loop problem when closing the sharing screen

V.1.4.9 June 6, 2020

Improvedupdated domain name to cymo.io

AddedCustomizable password

ImprovedImprove language localization strategy

ImprovedUpdate pricing strategy

Improvedlogo and icon unified brand renewal

V.1.4.7 June 2, 2020

ImprovedDrag and zoom of participants and message feature windows

AddedAdded support for Edge browser

AddedTo increase the response strategy that cannot be played automatically

FixedFix the price estimation algorithm in scheduled meetings

FixedFix the problem of refreshing meeting information attachments

V.1.4.6 June 1, 2020

ImprovedAdded simultaneous interpretation partners to keep mutual hearing feature

AddedAdded the feature of copy URL link button

ImprovedFix the button missing edge problem

ImprovedFix the Cookie reminder feature to achieve GDPR compliance

V.1.3.7 updated on May 11, 2020

ImprovedTo increase the homepage technology partner section

AddedComplete multi-browser compatibility test

AddedTo solve the problem that the window size cannot be adjusted when the Safari browser shares the screen

AddedTo increase the microphone/camera status in the meeting room

ImprovedTo increase the stability of real-time messages

AddedTo add a reminder that the screen is being shared, please do not close the window

ImprovedTo solve the problem that the file list cannot be scrolled

ImprovedTo optimize the loading speed of the live broadcast page

V.1.2.6 updated on April 21, 2020

Improvedprovides video and audio resolution options

Addedconference room to increase the simultaneous interpretation channel volume adjustment feature

AddedTo increase the volume bar to achieve multiple audio adjustments

AddedAdded meeting and course feedback pages (rating, submitting comments, etc.)

V.1.2.0 updated on March 10, 2020

ImprovedIncrease recommended browser reminder

AddedTo add a "meeting room has been created" reminder

AddedTo add a reminder of "You can use the meeting room without logging in"

Addedonline classroom to increase the feature of playing audio and video media online

AddedTo increase the online teacher uploading media/attachment feature

AddedAdded teacher roll call/monitor feature

ImprovedOptimize Safari screen sharing feature

V.1.1.5 Update on February 7, 2020

ImprovedIncrease the feature of virtual simultaneous interpretation room

AddedTo increase the button feature of common signals for simultaneous interpretation

AddedAdded cost estimate calculator

Addedadd microphone/camera switch to meeting room

AddedAdded real-time message feature

AddedAdded scheduled meeting feature

FixedTo solve the problem of not refreshing the user name when logging in for the first time

ImprovedTo solve the problem of the same user joining the meeting room multiple times

V.1.1.1 Update on January 6, 2020

ImprovedRealizes pre-loading key core components in advance, reducing waiting time

AddedConference room, simultaneous interpretation room buttons adopt a new rounded design

AddedAdded the feature of exiting/ending the meeting

AddedDisplay online participant information

AddedShows the number of unread real-time messages

V.1.1.0 Update on January 5, 2020

Improvedupdate user login and registration feature

AddedAdded the feature of adding a password to the meeting room

Addedadds multi-language simultaneous interpretation relay feature, users can choose their own language

AddedUpdate usage method

FixedTo solve the problem of global server time zone

AddedTo increase the front and rear camera features of the mobile browser

Improvedoptimize the login interface, no need to jump

FixedFix the problem of supplementing registration information after WeChat scan code login

V.1.0.8 updated on December 21, 2019

AddedAdded a button to save the QR code

Addedallows simultaneous interpretation to switch languages

ImprovedOptimize image loading time

V.1.0.0 December 5, 2019

AddedCymo.io official launch