Frequently asked questions


1. How much does it cost?

Please contact us to get a quote!


2. How do I use Cymo? Do I need to install any software?

See step by step instructions in the introduction page of scenario you want to use. Cymo is a web-based platform that can be used in all major web browsers. No software installation is required. Please use Chrome to access Cymo Meeting.


3. How is the speed? Is there high lantency? How many participants can access all together?

Cymo supports 1080p 60fps real-time ultra high-definition video transmission. The theoretical latency is around 10-300ms, while the measured latency is about 50ms. The lag of simultaneous interpretation is about 1 sec to 3 sec(EVS ear-voice span). Thus, the technology of Cymo will not affect the communication of remote meetings. Cymo supports up to 100,000 concurrent users per broadcast session. That means hundreds of thousands of people can use the network watching and listening to simultaneous interpretation online at the same time.


4. We already have a remote conference solution and need translation. Is Cymo compatible with other remote conference tools?

Yes, Cymo is compatible with Zoom, Webex, GotoMeeting and many other remote conference platforms and tools. You can also use Cymo for audio or video meetings, and screen projection function.

Meeting participants can use other remote conference platforms and tools, at the same time scan the QR Code or go into the audience portal to listen to the simultaneous interpretation. Whatever platform or tool do you choose, the simultaneous interpreters can always access Cymo by clicking the link and provid interpretation services. Using Cymo as an integral solotion is recommened.


5. I'm an interpreter. Will Cymo keep my clients' information?

As a remote conference technology solution, Cymo respects interpreters' efforts, and will not collect information of interpreters' clients. Interpreters can create a link on Cymo and share it with the clients. The clients can directly use the link to access to the meeting, without creating Cymo accounts. There's no requirement of participants' emails, phone numbers or other personal information. Cymo is just a technology provider to you, and will not involve in your communication with your clients, rate negotiation, nor the payment settlement.