About Cymo Meeting

Cymo is a web-based, multilingual video conferencing platform with professional simultaneous interpretation features.

Developed, tested, and used by practitioners, our proprietary virtual SI booth enables visual and audio collaboration between your interpreters, allowing you to gain access to audiences across the world like never before with professionally rendered messages that will deliver the impact you need.

Use Cymo for your board meetings, stakeholder conferences, or focus groups with the confidence that your virtual meeting and your message are backed by a team of technology experts and language professional interpreters. For your large-scale multilingual promotional events, webinars, and conventions, access millions of people around the world at-once using Cymo’s live streaming solution, which works seamlessly with your chosen production company and/or language service company, so that you can focus on crafting the most effective message.

Cymo is completely web-based and no installation is needed for you and your audience. The latest version is always ready to use in your browser. You can start a multilingual web conference using only Cymo in the browser, or use Cymo’s virtual SI booth to provide interpretation on other platforms or tools. Your speakers can use a single device to actively participate in a meeting while thousands can watch by scanning the sharable QR code and listen to the available interpretation with a single click or tap.

With global accelerator technology, Cymo’s first-time loading only takes seconds globally, then everything is split-second.

Traffic is monitored in real time to allow the most efficient routing path across the network for sub-second latency globally across more than 200 data centers.

Share files in all formats through Cymo’s meeting room with no limit on file size or number of files.

Share your entire screen, a browser tab or a specific application window with your audience without worrying about your back-ground peeking through.

Do all that with the confidence that Cymo meetings are secured with AES 256-bit encryption, the same technology the U.S. government uses to protect their information. You can also setup optional password protection for an exclusive audience.

Cymo’s full-featured powerful online SI booth will ensure that the interpreters’ work experience is just like in an offline venue.


  • Standalone web-based video conferencing
  • Display up to 16 participants
  • Livestream to up to 1 million audience
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation in single web page on a single device Multilingual relay (up to 10 languages in the same meeting)
  • Up to 1080p Screen sharing
  • Large file sharing (unlimited cloud storage space per meeting room)
  • Visual and audio communication between interpreters
  • HiFi audio for best interpreting experience
  • Interpreter rotation signaling
  • Floor/booth volume adjustment
  • Real-time public and private messaging (Chats)
  • Customizable meeting/classroom title, agenda and languages
  • Personal profile configuration (avatar, two-factor authentication, description, etc.)
  • Participant visibility and management
  • ISO compliant audio quality standards
  • Customizable virtual background
  • And many more!

Cymo is committed to provide users with easy, convenient and professional multilingual video conferencing experience, by keeping on adopting the cutting-edge technologies, and optimizing its algorithm. We are dedicated to making global communication easier.