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Conference in more than one language, simultaneously

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Ready-to-use solutions for your conferencing needs

Dynamic gallery display of up to 30 concurrent windows.

Share attachments, play media files and share your screen with other participants.

Virtual interpreting booth for a professional interpretation experience.*

* Use your own interpreters or source from our network of professional language service providers.

Dynamic gallery display of up to 30 concurrent windows.

Host an audience of up to 5,000.

Unlimited number of language channels for a truly multilingual experience.

Livestreaming and recording enabled.*

* Contact tech support to learn more.

Use Cymo's professional remote simultaneous interpretation feature with other video conferencing platforms.

Live in-booth communication, intuitive handover, and multilingual relay for professional interpretation performance.

Reach a larger audience at a lower cost by eliminating direct video feed.

Serve audiences where bandwidth is limited.

Combine it with other Cymo solutions for added flexibility and scalability.

Virtual classrooms accommodating up to 1,000 students.

Enable multilingual learning across the globe with Cymo’s virtual interpretation booth.

Designed for remote simultaneous interpretation training with mock booths.

Stream course exercises and monitor students’ performances live.

Record and review student performances.

Standalone mock booth with recording feature for students to practice on their own time.

Fully web-based,

Cymo is completely web-based and the latest version is ready to use in your browser.

With global accelerator technology, Cymo's first-time loading only takes seconds, then split-second.

Standalone and versatile

Cymo comes with powerful conference room features.

Start a multilingual web conference using only Cymo, or use the interpretation features with other platforms.

Cymo is compatible with major conferencing apps such as:

Zoom, webex, Gotomeeting, Skype, Tencent meeting, and Ding Talk.

Secure yet Streamlined

Secured with AES-256 channel encryption (brute-force proof) with optional password protection.

Frictionless access with no signup needed for your participants.

Share your creativity in HD

Share your entire screen, a browser tab, or a specific application window.

Play a video or audio media with no reduction in quality.

Share big files

Free cloud storage space for each meeting room

No limit on file size or number of files

Professional RSI features

  • Intuitive design for remote simultaneous interpretation
  • Single web page multilingual relay
  • Switch signaling button
  • Floor/booth volume adjustment
  • Split-second audio channel switch (<100ms)
  • Quick messaging to boothmates
  • Passing notes to boothmates (Private chat)
  • Intuitive shortcut keys
  • ISO compliant audio standards

and many more exciting features!

State-of-the-art technologies

Ultra low Latency

With bandwidth prediction and traffic control based on machine learning algorithms, Cymo reduces latency to under 200 ms.

Ultra Scalability

Cymo supports livestreaming up to a million audience in over 200 countries and regions.

Ultra HD quality

Cymo supports 4K 60FPS videos and 48kHz ultrawide frequency range for uncompromising audio-visual quality.


Cymo offers competitive and flexible payment options:
1 Pay as you go
2 Daily plan
3 Monthly plan
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Enterprise Grade Solution

Backed by a dedicated team for your business needs

  • ✅ Dedicated accounts manager & IT support
  • ✅ A custom set of Cymo products or the full suite
  • ✅ Onboarding & Training for your staff
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"Cymo’s on-line interpretation training platform is straightforward and user friendly. The features are developed to accommodate the exact needs of interpreters and interpretation trainers, such as recorder, monitoring, sharing of videos and students’ recordings. My students loved these features and found them very useful."
-- Contract interpreter trainer for PetroChina
"I really would like to say thank you to the IT department from Cymo, the fantastic digital platform which made this work!"
-- Patricia Wieland, Head of the World Nuclear University

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