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The Zoom Back Channel for
Professional Interpreters

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Low Cost

Ultra Lightweight

Platform Agnostic

Intuitive Design

Cymo Booth is a virtual booth application that runs in parallel with Zoom.
It helps interpreters to see and hear each other and rotate with ease.

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Your team,
back together

See and hear your partner again and feel that sense of teamwork.

cymo suite alongside the zoom app

Independent & Reliable

Isolated and self-contained, works with any meeting platform and affecting none.

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Lean & Minimalistic

Simple and intuitive, keeping the learning to a minimum. So your team can focus on what's important.

How to install and setup Cymo Booth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cymo Booth really free?

Yes. Cymo Booth is a donationware. Cymo Booth is currently free for all users.

You will need to register an account to create a new booth. After you create a booth, other users can join it without sign up.

If you are using Cymo Booth in a browser, you need to grant the browser (such as Chrome and Edge) the permissions first, then grant Cymo Booth the permissions to use your microphone and camera. Please refer to these guides:

Sometimes you may want to silence Zoom when the participants are chatting and when you need to talk with your boothmate(s).

Because adjusting Zoom sound output volume will affect system level volume, you will need to use additional software to adjust the volume of individual apps.

  • For macOS: You can use Sound Source (recommended) and Sound Control.
  • For PC: You can use the system volume mixer (recommended) and Ear Trumpet.
  • There are a few headphones will sync button status with Zoom. You can disable this function in Zoom's settings under Settings > Audio by unchecking the box next to "Sync button on headset". See it highlighted in the image below:

    highlight setting in Zoom to disable microphone sync

    Cymo Booth is designed to work with Zoom only when you are working in Zoom as an interpreter. If you are using Zoom as a participant, you will have two audio channels connected with your boothmate both in Zoom and in Cymo Booth, hense the "echo" effect.

    Please rest assured that this will not happen if you have the correct interpreter setup in Zoom, because interpreters cannot hear each other in Zoom by default.

    Cymo Booth allows up to 5 users in each booth session.

    No, Cymo Booth is designed to be "ephemeral", meaning that the booth gets teared down once everyone leaves and nothing is saved.

    You can send the booth ID to your boothmate(s) directly, so that they can join your booth by entering the ID in the Join page of the Cymo Booth desktop or web apps.

  • Please note that the booth ID is the last 9 digits in the booth URL.

  • Alternatively, you can share the booth URL so that your boothmates can join direclty in a browser.

    There are two places where you can copy the link to your booth:

    1. When you create a new booth the link can be copied right above the "Launch Booth" button.
    2. If you are in the booth already, navigate to the gear icon at the upper left corner to open the settings page. Once there, you can see the link ready to be copied at the top of the page.

    1. Copy link when creating new booth

    where to copy booth sharable link when creating a new booth

    2. Copy link in settings

    where to copy booth sharable link in the settings

    Let's get started!