Group classroom

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Hold a virtual class of up to 1,000 students.

Enable learning across the globe with Cymo's remote simultaneous interpretation.

How to use group classroom on Cymo


Register an account and log in

(For hosts only)


Start or schedule a meeting


In meeting configurations, select scenario "Classroom"


Enter classroom

Do a device check (recommended)


Share invitation links to other teachers and students


Done! You are all set

Enjoy your class!

Feature list

Features Free Tier Prepaid Plans Enterprise
Video conferencing Up to 30 min See pricing See pricing
Share screen
Share screen
Real-time media playing
Recording - Contact support Contact support
Whiteboard - Contact support Contact support
Simultaneous interpretation -
Password and other security features
Share attachments
Real-time messaging
Virtual background


Cymo offers competitive and flexible payment options: 1 Pay-as-you-go 2 Daily plan 3 Monthly plan